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Hello readers! Welcome to Kasturi’s Spice Tale, a blog dedicated to my endless love for food (in spite of my curves) and penchant for creating and recreating simple & spicy dishes with ease. I truly believe that life is a combination of both moments and masala. Moments give birth to the memories which overwhelm us with smile & happiness till our last breath and masala is simply used to add a blast of tadka in our daily monotonous life. So my blog basically consists of some moments around my voyager life and some beautifully simplified recipes with some added spice.
To the whole world Bengali cuisine is probably signified as “MACH ER JHOL AND BHAT”. But Bengali cuisine is much more than only mach-bhat though it’s our favourite way to pamper our hungry stomach. So my motto is to show you the hidden gems of Bengali cuisine in a simple and spiced up way through my blog.
 Spice is the key ingredient which actually brings life to most simple dishes. So I believe in using Mother Nature’s precious ingredient-the SPICE in a right way and right amount. My blog is mainly about Bengali delicacies with some other recipes around the corner that I love.
Besides the food I do possess a good amount of wanderlust, which made it inevitable for me to travel. Since childhood I have traveled extensively in India and that was only possible because of my father. I love to travel and that’s why this blog also depicts my love for Travelling and some of the tales of my journey.
I do hope that my blog will be useful enough to tease your taste buds and wanderlust in a right way.

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