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Begun kalojire die Ilish Machh er Jhol - Hilsa fish cooked in a stew alongwith eggplant and other spices

Begun diye Ilish Mach er Jhol Hey foodies! after a long time I am again back with my recipes. Got super busy and lazy at the same time and that kept me away from working on my blog, though I kept cooking something now and then during this period of time. I took my first solo trip to Santiniketan, West Bengal and it was a lifetime experience not because of the place itself but because of the way I conquered my fear of being alone, travelling alone and enjoy my own company. I will write up one blog post about my first ever solo trip. I am back with one more recipe of my favorite fish Hilsa. Soft succulent pieces if fresh hilsa fish are pure bliss. for some lazy days, my mother usually prepares a light stew of this fish and serve with steamed hot rice. This lunch takes away all my stress and life issues 😉 Usually, in Bengali household, we bring JORA ILISH (two hilsa fishes together) and they are cooked without any added spice. In childhood, the main attraction of Saraswati Puja

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