Santa's Fantasea -experience of a tribal and sea-world themed restaurant

Picture courtesy : Sarita Kerketta

Food is the only way of soothing your hungry and stressed soul and being an avid food lover I never miss a chance to taste good food. So, when my dearest friend D asked me and two other friends for her birthday treat I was immediately ready for it. And top of that she selected the restaurant that I have never been to – Santa’s Fantasea. This is a tribal and oceanic theme restaurant specialising in regional and seafood dishes. This restaurant has two branches and we went for the Saltlake, Kolkata branch.
                The name itself could not clearly describe what is the restaurant going to serve us as this name “Santa’s Fantasea” is not-so-correlated with the cuisine they are serving because we do not know whether Santa fantasise about seafood!!

                As I entered the restaurant first thing amazed me is the interior decorations and the colour combinations used. Based on the theme, they designed half the restaurant as blue with paintings of fishes and corals which tries to give the vibe of underneath the sea. The other half is decorated with ethnic, tribal wall paintings. The restaurant decoration was up to the mark and the ambience was friendly & relaxing enough.

                First thing we ordered was the famous “Bansh Pora Chicken”- chicken marinated and cooked within the bamboo stem. This dish originated from Orissa. This chicken has a very strong & overpowering flavour of smoke and bamboo. You can literally get to feel the pungent, smoky flavour which lingers when you chew the chicken. Overall , the dish was a perfect start of our dinner with its unique taste and flavour.

                In main course we ordered Malaysian rice, Wild red rice, Teriyaki Chicken and Squid in Oyster sauce and basil.

                Malaysian rice was green coloured perfectly cooked rice with beautiful flavour of coriander. This rice was accompanied with Squid in Oyster sauce and basil. This was the first time I tried squid and immediately I fell in love with this particular sea-gem. The sauce had the strong flavour of oyster and basil along with the spring onions. The sqids were delicious and I loved them more than anything.

Wild red rice had its own smoky flavours and taste was way too good.  To be described. It reminded me of typical village delicacies.

                The Teriyaki Chicken was soft tender chicken with the sauce. I found the sauce sweeter than desired. But again taste was very nice.

                The overall experience was very nice and also the service was up to the mark. My suggestion would be – just g for it. There is no harm in having a “good food experience”, you might end up finding something unusual like “Bansh Pora Chicken”.
This was my experience.
Now photography time!! Bits and pieces of my evening at Santa’s Fantasea....

Picture courtesy : Dipanwita Neogy.. 💓

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